Sister Brother

I am the runoff from the sewers. The child of everything scorned. A brown father and a white mother banned from the Earth only to dwell in hiding, not even in the shade. My face is a mask and my skin is of the color used to murder and enslave nations, but if you look closely you can see the natural tan and thigh gap that never had a chance.. Did you perm your hair? O wow, your father taught you to bellydance? I am the flower that grew out of the mud, the bee that used it to form honey, "the nectar of life," and the beekeeper that stole that honey to make profits. I am more of a brother than I am a sister and you will never believe me.
Sister Coyolxauhqui, Rattles-In-Her-Cheeks

Sister Coyolxauhqui, Rattles-In-Her-Cheeks, is an artist, healer, melissae and Jaguar. She was born in Tierra entre medio, on the cusp and mestiza. She was found as an infant by missionaries at the foot of a furious volcano, under the light of a full moon, cradled in obsidian and eyes sealed shut with propolis. She found language hard "my mother tongue is wild dogs on a mission like the dark" she explained and took many years to become socialized (the status of which is still debatable). When asked where she came from she responded "From the forge of the cosmos, my mother's womb. Fought my way out like Santa Marina, like Set. Ripped the night sky hip to hip." When asked about her parents she said that she attributes her sense of community and altruistic hedonism with the bees and her fear of men and ferocity with the jaguars. All further questions were answered with buzzing sounds unless she was given honey. Finding animals more profound than people, she seeks to share the wisdom and medicine they have gifted her.
Her people have been fighting for her return for years but Eschatologists working for the Vatican strongly advise against it, fearing it would initiate the apocalypse. "She is a living codex. She belongs in our library." Said one priest. Sister Coyolxauhqui says she can leave whenever she wants but chooses to remain because she loves being surrounded by the ancient texts. "The older the knowledge the more true" she finds, but be assured when "the time" comes, she will return. Ominous statements like this, along with her toting a machete and an owl as she rattles all over the basilica have many clergy on their garde.
Feast day: April 21
Day of the week: Saturday
Emblem: Moon and Coyote
Petition when: The age of man, the sun, wands and staves is nigh. When the earth is ready to take back what is hers. When every person who has committed a true evil, violence against an innocent, be they child, woman, animal or man; rape of the mother, will be made to atone. To prostrate themselves before Her and pay reparations for their crimes. Coyolxauhqui is a dark hand. A conduit to let the repressed feminine back in. Get inside the oarless boat.
Sister Carlota de la Santa Cruz

Sister Carlota de la Santa Cruz Student of the legendary Sister Caritas Auraculus Karate. Sister Carlota has been trained in the dark arts since her tender years in Bolivia. After years of practice, her power allowed de la Santa Cruz to grow a penis, which she uses on the regular without ever letting her femininity fade away. Besides reading the days to come in coca leaves, Carlota has the power to cure homosexuality but she would never. Legend has it her powers have been passed along her fairy bloodline for centuries, now tainted with black magic.
Sister Caritas Auraculus Karate

Sister Caritas Auraculus Karate is a professor, philosopher, artist, visionary, preacher, and seer. Also known as our Lady of Masques, her feast days are Halloween and Carnival (but she is also known to use deep-pore cleansing, green facial mask and eat entire cakes whenever). In the new era, Sister Karate is credited with identifying the cure for enlightenment (an affliction that is potentially debilitating), which is tequila. She endorses tequila drinking for the Nunz because she believes the normal drinking water is not safe and it gives them a rosy complexion. (In actuality, she uses her psychic powers to transform the deadly spirits back into water. This mind-altered water amplifies the awareness of the drinkers unlocking their genetic memory, along with many secrets of the Sisterhood.)
Sister Karate is responsible for creating the Art Nunz degree granting system; each degree is unique (one of a kind) and Universal. In 2011, she initiated a reform of baptism so that people can cleanse their own damn name. She is one of the founding members of the Church of the Eternal Reformation. She holds PhD's in Making Things Up and Kitsch, and is a card carrying Discordian Pope. She is currently under investigation by the Vatican.
Sister [Instert Name Here]

Sister [Insert Name Here] demands to not be taken seriously in the serious context of this coven. She joined for the potlucks and stayed for the crowd. She has been interested in the occult since 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' welcomed her home from school.
The divinity of it all is lost on her unless she can convert the strong religious notes of the Nunz into something relatable for an earth-bound agnostic. She works within a delicate balance of humor and craft, but treads dangerously too close to her comical nature, which can be off putting to people who "don't get comedy."
Sister Blood in her Teeth

Sister Blood in Her Teeth, known as The Eyes in the Dark, is the last surviving member of the Ulfhednar cult commissioned by the Emperor Constantine to serve as his personal bodyguards. Tracing her lineage through the salt and limestone of the earth; back to the children of Loki: Hate and Sköll, the wolves who eternally chase the sun and moon across the sky- she alone knows the the true secret of what will bring Ragnarok to pass. She knows the names of the standing stones and how to sing glaciers to sleep.The languages of hurricanes and tornados are native to her for she was rocked to sleep by their howling when she was born.

In the tradition of the Wolves of Ossery, she has committed herself to guardianship of the Art Nuns for the term of this life, oathed to protect the minds, spirits and bodies of this collective. As the living embodiment of the Wilds and the eternal violence of the soul, her knuckles are perpetually bruised and her teeth are stained with the blood of a thousand years of hunting.

She bears the bones of those who were eviscerated in the wake of her righteous wrath as a necklace and is always in possession of a forever-full flask of whiskey given to her by the goddess Morrigan. Charged with building sacred places, she uses this to bless the circles of standing stones that she creates for the Nuns rituals.

After several failed exorcism and integration attempts, she was deemed "inadmissable to the afterlife" by the heads of all organized Churches. Her laughter was once suggested to be able to break one of the Seals of Heaven, but no priest has ever dared to test the theory.

Sister Blood In her Teeth believes in the ecstasies of agony and recommends mortification of the flesh to purge oneself of the injuries inflicted by a life removed from the stones and trees that man was born from. These rituals can vary widely and often bring to bear a frenzy not unlike that of the Maenaeds. She keeps the articles of the Dark Pope under guard during the Pope's periods of slumber and has been granted the ability to call forth the Uterarians during times of creative and spiritual stagnation. Madness leaves creativity in its wake.

Sister Emily

Sister Emily’s starry bones were forged deep in the milk ducts of the galaxy. She began as the small seed of a great love affair between two frisky funk singin’ stars and when her soul came out too weird, too tender, too pranksterin’, too ass-droppin’, too fire-and-water, too goddess-darned-brimstone-and-tits-jiggle-jazz-funky for the pantheon of solemn space cadets, mother moon and father sky decided to blast her down to earth for a time to foxtrot around in a funny pink flesh-n-hair onesey, and to work out some kinks through the weird human wobble. Since then, she’s been doing the inevitably awkward slippery human dance of trying to hold the purple jelly-heart of an ethereal lovechild within her bumbling curvy human mason jar without exploding from laughter, heart break, sexual tension, or some combination of the three.

She flew in on a screaming purple comet, all bright tears and wondrous weirdness, and not much has changed, as she’s crept through this curious cave of huemanity. Emily has been gifted with visions and various mystical meanderings since the inception of her hueman adventure, and, At the tender age of 4, with one foot in the Milky Way, and the other in the thick mane of west Virginia , Emily discovered that Art, love, kindness, nature, and adventure were the biggest prayers written in her book, and thus, began her early initiation into the art of Good Witchin’.

Since then, she’s been dancin’ rings around the moon, lassoing rogue and lustful stars, writing secret languages, and being too tit-spankin’ funky for her own mother-blessed good. She’s dipped her teeth and tongue deep into the swollen fruit of shadow, she’s dabbled in the arts of light and dark, and she’s come out, mask in hand, covered in pulsing indigo ink, and ready to hitch her tender soul eternally to the alchemy of paint and canvas, ya hear?
Sister Amator Naturae

Sister Amator Naturae is a Florida native and a child of the universe. Being very aware of her origin in the cosmos, she has a strong connection with nature and seeks to help others realize and strengthen this connection as well. A Cancer to the core, she is both a homebody and an explorer with a natural instinct to nurture others and create a home environment wherever she may go. Thus, her main mission is to reconnect humanity with its roots in the cosmos and its physical home, planet Earth. She's had the good fortune of traveling to many places, having lived in Germany and visited places from Iceland to Mexico. This exposure to different places, people, and cultures has given her a global perspective, which further motivates her mission to unify her fellow people and save the planet.
L'Homme Divine

The Divine Man is a third generation healer with a taste for flair. unapologetically homosexual with no taste for feminine sexuality, he represents the Art Nuns from the other side of the spectrum keeping masculine energies of the nuns in check. He was once scoffed at by a man on a street, to which The Divine Man did not reply. However sister Blood in her Teeth set the wolves on that man and he was torn to pieces. He pursues knowledge of the nature of Masculinity within the Catholic faith, much like Sister Karate; and is under investigation by the Vatican for proving that over five members of the papacy enjoy drinking fruity alcoholic beverages. The Divine Man is a firm believer in the power of ass-shaking and hosts dance parties on every aquarian moon. He also paints things.
Sister Silence

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A note from Sister Caritas:
Sister Silence is not actually mute. Blessed with acute psychoacoustic hearing she is listening deeply to the celestial white noise of alien transmissions, electromagnetic radiation, atmospheric noise, ghosts, and magnetic resonances and miscellaneous internal noises. These she prefers to hearing what others are saying to themselves in their heads, because it's pretty awful. It's not so much that she nothing to's just the average conversation is dull compared to your communion with the broader cosmos. Sister Silence will make rare exclamations about junk food. It is thought that she may actually be repeating parts of her deep conversations that she is having with a cherished bag of Doritos, as these are among the most dynamic and profound organisms on our planet; she takes great delight in their consumption. Her rare words are used as a form of augury as interpreted by, myself, Sister Caritas.The order uses these to know when the timing is favorable or lucky, and who will win the academy awards.
Sister Fellatia G

Sister Fellatia G is the reincarnation of Kali as a blue furry cat, if she were a bro dude trapped in the body of a kawaii anime girl.
Sister Meraki Toska : The Feral Heart

"Meraki, the soul, creativity, or love that is put into something. the essence of yourself that is put into your work. Toska: At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning." -Nobokov
Sister Meraki Toska was forged from the soils of many distant lands, allowing for broadness of mind and spirit. She is the synthesis of many kinds, ways, and beliefs. She utilizes social and creative discourse to respond to the eternal and unnameable question. With her roots spread wide, she looks to nature for guidance. She has a strong distaste for repression and advocates a balance of hedonism and empathy. She believes that we must feed our carnal desires and facilitate this process in others. It is of utmost importance that we listen and cater to our truest selves, without compromising the truest versions of the others. Sister Meraki Toska is an artist. Searching, prodding, probing, feeling, and creating- she is one of the harbingers of reality, of what is needed. She knows that one must ask questions to answer questions, and that this is without end. But, while we are here, she exists to remind us of ourselves and comfort us in our search.
Sister Joan of Art

Sister Joan of Art was not brought into this world through any special means or with any earth shattering symbols.
From a small age Joan showed great interest in talking to cats, writing messages from God entirely in highlighter markers, and painting in a miraculously manner that was entirely devoid of pigment. Sometimes she pretended she knew how to wield a sword. This was a point of contention between Joan and her mother, due to the fact Joan preferred fighting with a sword then doing anything �ladylike�.
However, her interest in swordsmanship proved unnecessary when she gained her first army. Any enemy that was unfortunate enough to meet her in the field would often flee, not because her army was particularly terrifying, but because the glow of their fluorescent armor was so intense they would go blind with just a glance. It was said they also rode upon Golden Tigers but these were hard to see for the great aura of colored light that emanated.
Sister Joan always prefers a brush to a sword. Her aim to inspire those may see her sigil and call each to their own creative potential, as well as make friends with any and every cat, big or small, along the way.
Color: Highlighter yellow, pink, blue, and green. Also Gold. Just because why not?
Animals: White Lions, Golden Tabby Tigers, and every alley cat.
Theme song(s): "Time to Run" and "Into the Sun" by Lord Huron?
Feast Day: January 6th

Our modern day Jesus was born from no virgin. She keeps wine on hand and can cook a good fish. Jesus walks with a pack of fellow deities fittingly called the Art Nunz. Adventuring the 40 seas to ease her wandering knees and needs. May Jesus be inside everyone.

With a blink, with a wink... with a wave of her hand, she can cast spells and manifest creations, any that she sets her mind to. Deep within her paintings, the stories can be found, the magic will be hidden ready for the right moment to reveal itself. Deeply embedded, she crafts these weapons of love and mystery with the soul purpose to save the world. All while sometimes ravaging herself, unapologetically, on vegan chicken wings (with her bare fingers) with zesty barbeque sauce ( some of which often gets into the paint) and gingerale ( to sooth her tummy). Because that's what her grandmother told her to do.
A professional escape artist, due to her crafty lineage. She was born a fighter and a warrior all while still in the womb of her own mother! She fled her ancestors homeland in the middle of the night, through the underground.  Escaping repression from the communist regime. All while her cells were still forming in the womb. While most had the luxury of floating in the internal bliss of universal darkness, undisturbed safety of the endless portal of the mother, she partook in a great plot and escaped to a foreign mysterious unknown land. All of this is buried deep within her bones. She was born for the resistance!
This sister is connected to the moon, she loves to swing from it. She also just loves sparkles, especially of glassy silver ones, but all of the jewel colors entice her like a magpie. She wears them on her skin and keeps them in her socks and in boxes hidden around the house, cautious to never run out as that might be a disastrous outcome, without the reflection that is so needed in the world. If she considers you a true friend, she will share her precious glitter with you. When this happens, rest assured, you will have a loyal friend for your lifetime. Never be foolish and take this for granted...  Friends like her, with silver sparkles and sometimes a grilled cheese in their pockets do not come easy.
A time traveller since before birth, at least 3 lifetimes back, she steps in and out of portals to gain essential knowledge critical for the survival of the human race.
Telepathic, she sees right through those with false mask of disguise, so don't bother with that silly foolish thing. She may not expose you... if your not a threat to cause significant harm to a unsuspecting human or on a global scale, but she knows exactly who you are. Rest assured.
In her spare time, inbetween making important paintings. She loves to travel the world in search of homeless grey cats named Shadow. She tells them her secrets and seeds of mystery, and they, in exchange, keep them well hidden until the time is right for these messages to be unleashed into the universe.  
She vows to continue to create and make her craft till her very last breath, as this what she was born to do, amen.
Ma Soeur Velours Bleu

Caregiver, lullaby singer, and soul food cook. Determined to share my light with the sisterhood, community, and wherever I travel in my days. Aiming forever on this plane to leave a good solid mark on the world. Born in 1992, this time. I still haven�t figured it out yet. Art makes it all worth it, it is in everything.
An excerpt from my diary:
"On the other side of my fence lies a garden of life. Sunflowers peeking over the horizon. I am not sore. Here, I am solved. All solutions can be opened up, all of the truth is standing in the sun, the moon, deep down into the core of the earth. A leaf falls, a spider climbs up its web�life happens naturally. The languages and meanings all vast, it all comes back to the same center. Nothing is perfect and peaceful, yet everything is perfect and peaceful because it is the way it is and always will be. Life is a paradox, and its only practice that makes it get easier. Destruction allows for the recognition of rebuilding. Integrity, Strength, Honor, Knowledge, Understanding lessons and traits in this world for us to master and behold. All for the glory of love. Every positive needs the negative and nothing at all. From atoms to organisms, humans, the universe itself; we are negative, positive, and neutral. I am tired of being confused about this."

SISTER WEIRDSLEY VON HENNING is descended from beheaded Scottish Kings and stoic German brothel madams. She’s made a habit of walking the line between our realm and those beyond, whether by unconsciously divining all of her paintings, or holding seances in a cemetery that bears her name. Much of her art practice is done in private, so there is little known about her process. Those who collect her work have often claimed to feel watched by the figures who inhabit the pieces and some have even sworn the paintings change when unobserved. Those who have questions about the validity of these claims or the origins of the paintings’ subjects may visit WEIRDSLEY VON HENNING’S TWICE-BLESSED DEFINITELY NOT CURSED PAINTING EMPORIUM at
Our Lady of Divine Chaos, also known as Our Lady of Laughter

A fallen star. She sometimes appears as a swarm of blue and yellow butterflies, other times vivid hallucinations that are mystical reminders. In the arrival of the present moment you can hear her laughter rippling and ringing hysterically, the cries of the great cosmic giggle which sits deep in her gut. She is the brightness in pain and sorrow in joy. The cosmic paradox that balances the reality and euphoria of states. As a warrior of imagination she is called upon the universe to serve.
Sister Aloria Margarita

Aloria a Cherokee name meaning �morning star�, the planet-goddess of love & beauty, Venus. According to Immanuel Velikovsky, the planet Venus was once a brilliant comet, and the celestial vision of this luminous body with its trailing tail of fire was the origin of many myths, including the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, as well as Lucifer (�light bringer� or �morning star�), the dragon of heaven.� Margarita, derived from Greek (margarites) meaning "pearl".� Pearls were associated with dragons throughout ancient myths and legends. Early Chinese civilization considered black pearls a symbol of wisdom and believed they were formed within a dragon's head. Once full-grown, the pearls were carried between the dragon's teeth. The ancients believed the "pearl" symbolized the most precious treasure; Wisdom.� Saint Margaret, the patron of pregnancy and expectant mothers, was martyred at Antioch in the 4th century. Legends told of her escape from a dragon, with which she was often depicted in medieval art.�

* * * * *
Born of a virgin (with a little help from modern science), on the Autumnal Equinox, under the first visible light of the dark Moon, Sister Aloria�s life has defied adversity and been defined by a constant stream of miracles. Her powers of clairsentience and precognitive dreaming were inherited through her maternal lineage and honed through rigorous meditation at the easel, eventually resulting in the ability to shape reality and create portals. Her tapasya began at a young age, culminating in a Pagan ritual of self-immolation on the beach of Port Coal-borne, in which she threw herself into a fire and miraculously survived, being subsequently baptized in the Lake Eerie area of "The Great Lakes Triangle� (which, despite being 16 times smaller, accounts for more disappearances than the infamous Bermuda Triangle).� After this phoenix-like rebirth, she met her beloved, David Heskin (whose name literally means �beloved, kin of god�) and Venus and Mars were joined in mystic union, forming a new Mercurial super-artist, capable of completing large canvases in a single brushstroke. In addition to obscure painting techniques, she now studies the art of alchemy (both literally and metaphysically), and uses her superpowers for good (mostly).� Incidentally, Sister Aloria Margarita has discovered an alchemical process to refine the cure for enlightenment (discovered by Sister Caritas Auraculus Karate) into a potent yet tasty elixir, effective for dispelling demons, summoning courage, and performing other occult rituals. In honor of the pentacular orbit of Venus, it contains 5 ingredients.
Xatherin, ight Sponge

Tree of Life
Brad Pitt featuring
I Don't Know
She Ate Them
swallowed and chewed
swallowed and sucked
and chewed
mastica bien
no comas chiquilla
con esa boca abierta
illuminations are mistaken
for rational answers
She ate The Allegory
of the
What Is Left
Without Light
a magnanimous night
She felt
in the unpredictable dark
shadows of irrational raz�n
She came in a type of light
She came in the occluded
edges of a brightened obelisk
conflated by white picket
borders in her dark
curls the forbidden
corridors of sunless
shoveled into five hundred
methods of silence
and watered down
a spate of sorrows
with a whitewash
with diffusion
with out shadows
Sister Sage

Through my work I aim to shatter the �illusion of separation�, to challenge the viewer to question, and evolve out of ignorance, conditioning and ingrained genetic habits. In life I strive to take responsibility for the effect of my existence, and through my actions and images, inspire others to think/dream beyond their immediate capacity. Ultimately I seek to create portals that open to the infinite possibilities of being and expressing, so that we may remember and re-discover who we are, where we originate from and where we are headed. My aspiration is to paint messages, visions and narratives that communicate with an �older & wiser us�, awakening ancient memory; as well as the �present us�, that we may grow up and accept the responsibilities towards ourselves, each other and the rest of existence on this planet� now :)
Sister Luna Mercurius Texeicharona

A novitiate of the Temple of the Burning Questions since birth (although the questions didn�t actually generate sufficient heat for more than occasional marshmallow or weenie roasting until adolescence), baptized in the cool green waters of the Bevera River in 2011, Sister Luna Mercurius Txeicharona (Txeicharona is Fernalese for �woman who paints trees�) is compelled to seek relief for the itch that can't be scratched in liquid or semi-liquid mediums, such as rain, mud, clay, sea water, beach sand, ink, glue, paint, and dance--anything that facilitates psychological shape shifting.
A devotee of line--O Divine aesthetic water-slide!--she delights in playing in the deep end of the pool of Great Mystery, retrieving hidden pieces of the puzzle of creation (�Where does all this cool stuff come from?!!�) and tantalizing the psyche with glimpses of the invisible link between what is, what is becoming, and what could be--which, as it turns out, is often accessible thru the tip of a pen or brush, or little altars that spontaneously arise in her habitat, a mutable assemblage of natural and hand-crafted wonders.
A consummate practitioner of the art of intention, Sister Txeicharona, is continuing her studies of metaphysical horticulture at Myndscaping, with a heavy emphasis in intuition and ecstatic synchronicities.
Sister Txeicharona is easily identified by her arboreal stature and the camera in her hand, a sure sign that she is offering prayers of thanks for the boundless beauty she sees in you and everyone else in the room... also, she makes amazing shortbread and pecan cookies.
Our Lady Hightower

Our Lady Hightower works to restore the balance of the divine feminine on earth and in the universe.  Being much closer to the heavens by sheer size, she communicates with this energy with ease.  She creates a foundation with her body on earth to root her to the source of the wild feminine.  
Our Lady Hightower embodies the great mother who is the creator and destroyer of all.  She is the great nurturer of all beings everywhere, leading them to their own inner truths through explorations in yoga, meditation, and artwork.  She easily destroys that which no longer serves her.  She slays demons. She speaks her truth. 
She lives in the warm humid land of the womb.  She connects to her inner fire that burns gently from devotion to practice.  She reaches into the cosmos and connects to the vastness of all energy. 
Lady Hightower often moves at higher vibrations connecting energy, time traveling, and moving beyond the realm of the physical.  Psychedelics, meditation, and dance are tools to help her remember her superpowers.  When she slows down, she wanders among the beings of the earth, petting leaves, watching flowers dance, connecting with the chakras of trees, listening to birds, enjoying being a beautiful earth body.
Our Lady Hightower wants you to sit and listen to the whispers of wisdom that are within your bones and blood.  She is there to assist you as you navigate your true path and give you words of encouragement.  May you be peaceful and at ease. 
Mother Inferior Maria Discordia Loca

MOTHER INFERIOR MARIA DISCORDIA LOCA ('La Loquita' or 'La Loquaxilla'), 33rd degree (Moderately Unhinged), was once a lively and inspirational nun who, after a vision of the Incessantly Talking Cross of the Archangel Mildred, devoted her life to Art, Unchastity and Intemperance. She bears the cross as a sign of this vision, wrapping it in a cloth so as to drown out its constant chattering, only uncovering it to deliver rambling narratives which have attracted disciples from around the world.
Her sudden and unexpected diatribes are held by some to contain a rarefied and abstract wisdom: recent favourities have included such diverse themes as rights for the 'hallucinatorily-challenged', society's need for a giant electronic mobile dog, and her thesis that the Plantagenet kings of England were secretly turtles from the planet Venus.
Others, however, express relief that she has now taken to seclusion in a squalid hovel on the summit of a rain-sodden English moor, being allowed out only on special occasions, such as when she has run out of vodka. The occasional visitor seeks her out nonetheless, and her increasingly-fractured sermons have left many feeling simultaneously violated and enlightened. The Church now insists on exorcisms for anyone spending longer than a week in her company.
�A bloody awful storyteller...� - Catholic Daily Herald �Listen to those screams, she's at it again...� - Yorkshire Evening Post �Pass this point at your own risk. The last three were never found...� - Sign on the edge of moorland in the local village
Our Lady of Abundance

Our Lady of Abundance is an artist, dreamer, provider, teacher, healer, and lover. She was born from Freya’s tears of red gold and named by Sister Caritas Auraculus Karate when she found Our Lady wandering the fields of Fólkvangr. When she’s not roaming with Hildisvíni, Bygul, and Trjegul, she is known to be fully enveloped in seiðr, bringing magic through communal gatherings. Using the practices of installation art, performance art, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking, she explores ideas surrounding fat bodies and the fat experience. She often dreams of fantasy worlds filled with scents of jasmine, hazy pastel sunrises and bold saturated sunsets, and to be surrounded by those she treasures.

Born from the darkest parts of the human soul, a harbinger and organizer of chaos, Dizastera reveals in the pettiness and squabbling of humanity. As the human world ticks closer and closer to their demise, Dizastera puts their frustrations and angst into paintings and sound performances to incite shame and disgust of the current political and social systems that are poisoning the planet. Fuming over the selfishness and deliberate acts of malice, Dizastera channels destructive energy into sharp and calculated art for the greater good.
Sister Mary of Tomorrow

Sister Mary of Tomorrow was born in another dimension and is still attempting to understand earthly customs. She lives perpetually in the future, a curse placed upon her by the Three Kings, and uses her mirror to look into the present. The Three Kings once tried to cage her to collect her powers. Despite her escapes, the curse continues. Sister Mary of Tomorrow has yet to find a cure.
Sister Mary of Tomorrow embodies the sin of Lust and the blessing of Generosity.
She finds solace as a muse to fighters & dreamers. Sister Mary drifts across astral planes, finding those who also live in the future: The Activists.
Into the ears of Activists everywhere, she whispers a song about better tomorrows.
Every so often, in the dark center of abandoned homes, overcome by Nature, you can hear Sister Mary of Tomorrow screaming. Those who wish her to cease may bring her rotten fruit and dark chocolate as offerings. If you bring anything else, it will light aflame and the old house will burn down.
For those who wish to summon Sister Mary of Tomorrow:
1. Create a circle of clay around your person.
2. Cover all the mirrors in your home except for the one you bring into the circle.
3. On four equidistant points, place dark chocolate, rotten fruit, a promise you've broken, and an object of your desire.
4. Repeat "Sister Mary, Sister Mary/ How lonely it must be / To wait all day for others' decay / And never yourself be free"

Sister Mary Posa

Sister Mary Posa was raised in a mill and her fate as a Damien Hirst original was decided from birth. Fortunately with the help of a gusty wind, she was set free and now happily roams the wilderness fluttering from flower to flower. She curiously and playfully observes the natural world and moments of transformation within her life cycle. Her mission is to share what she learns through messages of destruction, rebirth and beauty in her paintings. You might find her flying in partner acrobatics or hanging from aerial toys, showing off her wings. Though Sister Mary Posa once enjoyed munching on grass fed aphids, she is now a devout fruitarian.
Sister Mary Posa is known to be diverted by a strong breeze, parasitic flies and a sweet tooth. But ultimately her internal navigation - the earth’s magnetic field, always brings her back on path.
Our Lady of Nonchalance

Our Lady of Nonchalance radiates tranquility in the presence of her peers. Left alone, she is consumed by a brewing storm of anxiety for the state of our planet.

Nonchalance was once a small bird. Her thoughts flit from one notion to another, like the movement of a sparrow. Her soul left her avian body and made a pilgrimage to the mountains of Galicia, Spain. Here she sought to create a new body as a vehicle for her soul to interact with humans. She gathered mistletoe and sacrificed two white bulls. The blood was poured over the bed of mistletoe, and on the sixth day of the moon her soul rested in the tangled leaves and berries. She awoke as a woman.

Though she has lost her birdsong, she can communicate through the energized pigments and mythic images of her paintings. Nonchalance paints surreal landscapes and portraits influenced by nature, mythology, and life as a festival painter. She works to capture our current realities in this time when the veil between self and spirit is thinning, and each painting serves as a prayer to bring humanity ever closer to a positive relationship with our planet and the Source.

Sister Magdalena Asbaje de los Queers

Sister Magdalena Asbaje de los Queers is a genderless being composed primarily of queer rage and tequila. They realized their queerness provided them with newfound abilities, allowing them practice the gay arts. These powers help them protect their fellow queers from cis-hets. Powers include protection charms, telepathy, and weapon-ized glitter.

If you need protection from a straight, simply utter the name of a queer ancestor and blow glitter into the desired target’s eyes.

(Sister Magdalena Asbaje de los Queers is not responsible for any damage caused with glitter but does endorse it’s usage as weaponization in the liberation of queers).

Gino Romero
BA in Studio Art
Florida State University
Sister Red Rosa Ardent Moon

Sister Red Rosa Ardent Moon is a revolutionary, artist, lover of earth and all living creatures. Created by love, light, and water, she arose from a Siren’s egg atop the world's highest mountain. Head and chest of a human, feet like an osprey, her raven wings appear by moonlight. So too does her unbridled rage to attack all forces of evil that prevail in this world, including sources and systems of white-supremacist and patriarchal power. She’s known to claw out the eyes of her prey and preserving them in Altar jars. She'll leave their scalps and intestines lying on the front doorsteps of Big Banks. She is nasty, ruthless, and unforgiving while also the most bountiful fountain of love. During the sunlit hours you may find her cozying up in the breasts of her many women and gender fluid chosen-family members. Every several hundred hours she must dunk her body into the ocean to regain strength and energy. She feeds on red clovers and forrest berries. Her lips are always stained dark red. “The belief that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking.” - Murray Bookchin. She was born to mold the world into a fruitful and caring society that looks after all beings and land. She will die for the cause as told to her by her closest oracle.
Agatha Amaterasu

Before she was Agatha Amaterasu, she lived as a young creative who would walk until sunrise and wait patiently for sundown. She was trusting and naive of the life she would be reborn into.

One day, while being slaughtered by the greedy thirst of man, she felt her spirit detach itself from her skin; she was a flower ripped from its stem. When it was over, she would either depart or be reborn - it was instinctive. Broken, this woman hid and slept for a year and regrew. The Sun became her night, and the moon was no longer something she walked under but instead a blanket of comfort for her to heal.

Since her awakening, Agatha Amaterasu exists as resilience. She has become a secret keeper for those who have encountered the same greed. She carries the weight of experiences that have been entrusted to her. Her ability to create now lives as both a sanctuary and a weapon. Her compassion is not to be mistaken for a weakness. Any violator hopes to become nothing before they face her wrath. Agatha Amaterasu is at war until every life is safe of the injustices she endured. When that day comes, she will rejoin the spirit she lost; until then, she lives as a beacon.

Attributes: Long dark hair. Black war paint. Naked skin.